Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The girl with the dragon tattoo - The movie

After reading 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' and loving it, I was interested to see how alike the film was. So whilst shopping in Asda I spotted Niels Arden Opley's version for £4.00 and after watching it I have to say I was quite disappointed.

So off I trotted to HMV to buy David Fincher's version, which I thought was 100% better. From the very beginning of the film it's very much the same as the book, Henrik is on the phone to his friend and police officer talking about the flower he got sent to him.

Both versions had a few differences. In both, there was no relationship with Cecilia, Blomvkist gets taken down to the basement of Martins house in different ways, the way Martin dies is similar in both films but different to the book, when Blomvkist gets shot it's in different circumstances (I'm 99% sure it was whilst he was out running, in the book) There were many more differences in Opley's version than Finchers, Id say that the main storyline was the same as the book, but for me the small details that were missed out/changed made me not so keen on Opley's.

The ending in David Fincher's version is pretty different from the book, but I shan't spoil it for you all! If you're looking to watch the film, I'd say read the book first then watch David Fincher's, it's much better in my opinion.

S xx

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