Sunday, 16 September 2012

Book #6

Ok after my very failed attempt at reading last week (I so wanted to love that book) I've picked out another book to read instead of buying one on my kindle. I think I'm going to read a book from my bookshelf one week then buy one on my kindle the following week. Once I've read all of my books, the one's I know I won't read again, I'll give to a charity shop :)

Anyway , this weeks book is 'How to be famous' by Alison Bond

The blurb

'Lynsey Dixon never plans anything. She has no commitments and no responsibilities apart from her job at a London talent agency that specialises in neurotic actresses like Melanie Chaplin. After keeping her calm head in a crisis, Lynsey is offered a transfer to Los Angeles to help Melanie settle into a new television show. Lynsey can recognise an opportunity when she sees one. An opportunity for serious star spotting and sunny days.

Melanie Chaplin is excited to be famous, but being famous can make you forget yourself. Soon she is wildly in love with a married man and pregnant by her womanising co-star, Fabien Stewart. Being a star can be stressful. And why, when her career is soaring, is she jealous of the young wannabes nipping at her Jimmy Choo heels?

Serena Simon is the most beautiful girl in the world. She didn't exactly choose Hollywood. When you look like Serena, Hollywood is the only place to go. She has a plan and it's working. Fame is only a photoshoot away. Any minute now someone is going to find out that this sexbomb is a teenage runaway, just fourteen years old.'

I think I might enjoy this one


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