Monday, 10 September 2012

Book review #4 - The girl who kicked the hornets nest

This weeks book was Stieg Larsson's 'The girl who kicked the hornets nest'

I didn't get this review up in time (Sunday) due to the fact that I didn't finish the book before today. This is purely because I kept putting it down after a few chapters and having to make myself carry on reading, which I never found with the other two. I was really looking forward to reading this because I enjoyed reading 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' and 'The girl who played with fire' so much. This is my least favourite out of the three, for 2 reasons. 1 - The story kept going off a lot through the book, explaining background stories/details. Which I understand is important so the reader understands the full extent of the story, but it was literally every other chapter, and lasted a full chapter. I just think it would have been easier to swallow if these explanations were maybe cut down a little. 2 - There wasn't that much of an appearance from the two main characters. I understand she's laid up in a hospital bed so can't really be out and about, and he's out there trying to uncover the truth, but I'd have thought there might have been a little more of them both.

This is just my opinion, I'm not bashing the book at all I'm just stating why it was (for me) a little harder to read, and my least out of the three.

Anyway, on with the story -
To be honest I'm having trouble writing the storyline because the book baffled me with the continuous story jumping from one character to the next and the long in depth explanations of certain topics. Anyway, the jist of this is Salander is laid up in hospital recovering from, an operation to recover a bullet (or 3) in a hospital room, two doors down from her father (who was the one that wanted her dead) On the outside of the hospital Blomvkist, along with others, is trying to stop Salander's old psychiatrist from putting her back into an institution. He's also trying to uncover many secrets and conspiracies about the secret police - Sapo (who had dealings with her father) The murder charges have been dropped against Salander, however she's been charged with the attempted murder of her father, so it's all a race against time until her court date.

Towards the last quarter of this, I really got into it again. There's a lot of drama towards the end and I was once again on the edge of my seat!


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