Sunday, 30 September 2012

Book review #7 - Lessons in shooting ducks

I'm going to start this review off by saying that I loved this book! I even have it in my weekly faves over on my beauty blog. I'll be honest, I pretty much started reading this because I want to try and get through all of my books that I have and give them to charity because since I bought my kindle all the books on my book shelf have been collecting dust. Anywhooooo on with the review:

This book is based around the character Ally who is divorced with two children and whilst her ex husband seems to have had his share of girlfriends, Ally has had no such luck with men. One of her friends, Mel, works for a magazine and is doing an article about an American lady (a relationship coach) who gives seminars on how to meet Mr right. Mel thinks that this would be great for Ally to do because she's single and  it could be quite a laugh, and of course it would help Mel out big time....and prevent her from getting fired from the magazine.
Reluctantly, Ally agrees and sets off to her first seminar. She enjoyed it more than she thought she would and begins to take all of the 'homework' seriously. One task being that she has to set up three dates with three different men (duck decoys) that she isn't really attracted too. Date one is with a man that she really isn't attracted to, but he is her. The date went well, however he seems to want more dates and she doesn't. Date two is with the electrician who she is actually attracted too, but during said date she finds out he's not exactly who she though he was. So after two unsuccessful dates she decides against looking for 'duck decoy' date three.
During all of this time Ally gets to know a neighbour who is also single (and very attractive) and debates whether to make him 'duck decoy three' but decides against this, and out of the blue he asks her out for coffee which she eagerly accepts. Things start to get complicated when she starts to get feelings for her neighbour, and all of a sudden her ex husband resurfaces and announces that he still has feelings for her. Now she has the huge decision of deciding who it is that she wants to be with: the father of her children who cheated on her and broke her heart, or the very attractive neighbour who lost his wife and has made it clear he and Ally have a connection?
Mind made up she makes a beeline for her man, however when he finds out about the ex husband and the complicatedness and of course the seminars and 'duck decoy' he doesn't seem so sure he wants the relationship. Do things end up happily ever after? You'll have to give it a read to find out :P

This is definitely worth a read, such an easy and fun book. Filled with funny moments and those moments where you find yourself shouting 'Noooo what are you doing' at the book......or is that just me that does that?!

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