Sunday, 23 September 2012

Book review #6 - How to be famous

So, after my big fail last week with 'one day' I wanted to find a book for this past week that I could really sink my teeth into and I did just that. This weeks book was Alison Bond's 'How to be famous'

This book is exactly what it says in the title. It's about three young woman (One a lot younger than she first makes out) trying to make it big in Hollywood and how their lives intertwine with each others . Two of the woman are aspiring actresses and the other working for a talent agency, until she gets fired and is left to figure it all out alone. Two of the women get to know one another over a very important phone call, one of the woman (Melanie) being the aspiring actress who's trying to not get thrown off the movie set and the other being the 'agent' (Lindsey) trying to sort out the mess. Lindsey manages to sort out the fuss over the contracts which then lands her a job in L.A helping out at the agency's office over there and taking care of Melanie. On Lindsey's (coach) journey to the states she meets the other aspiring actress (Serena) who keeps her guard up and doesn't really want to speak to anyone, especially Lindsey.

Once they're all settled in the city of Angels, each doing their own thing - Lindsey becoming a big help to Melanie in so many ways and then becoming Serena's agent, which then gets Lindsey fired from the agency for not telling them - they all have problems and secrets they come to face, and all turn to Lindsey for help. Maybe Hollywood isn't the life they thought it would be........

I really enjoyed reading this book and found it hard to put down, it was such an easy read. Deffo a thumbs up!


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