Monday, 1 October 2012

September Favourites

If you've read my beauty blog then you'll know that I do weekly favourite posts. I tried doing monthly ones but I think I'd end up with a massive list, so doing the beauty favourites is easier as weekly posts. I thought I'd start doing monthly favourites on here, anything and ecerything that's not beauty related. So here are Septembers:

* David Fencher's 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' - We all knew this would be in here, I loved it!
* Rita Ora's album 'Ora' - In particular 'meet ya' and 'shine ya light'
*Jayne Buxton 'Lessons in shooting ducks'
* Cameron Mackintosh's 'Oliver'
* The lady boys of Bangkok

* Salt water taffy
* Candy corn
* Good and plenty

* H&M leopard print trainers
* Burgundy hoody

What were you loving in September? 


Book #8

Another week another book, and I've decided to read one from my over stacked bookshelf again. This weeks book is Sharon Griffiths 'The lost guide to life and love'

The blurb:
'Follow food writer Tilly Flint as she discovers her roots, her sense of adventure and the secret to happiness in this timeless, inventive tale for fans of Eva Rice and Elizabeth Noble.
Do the answers to Tilly Flint's future lie in her past?
In a nightclub full of the rich and famous, a glamorous model leaps from a window and escapes into the night. Food writer Tilly Flint - on a rare date with boyfriend Jake - is sole witness to her flight. Little does she know the chain of events set to unfold…
The following week, Tilly and Jake have the last of many arguments, leaving Tilly alone in the wild Pennines landscape where she's on assignment. Terrified yet strangely exhilarated, she investigates the area - and finds more than a few surprises.
Intrigued to learn that, as an only child, she has family in the area, Tilly starts to dig deeper, discovering her great grandmother's past and the eerie parallels with her own life. As she explores the treacherous moors, she stumbles across mysterious pieces of cherry-red ribbon. What do they signify? And who is the strangely familiar face in the local pub?
Then a chance encounter with celebrity Clayton Silver leads Tilly into a high-octane world that spells danger. Can the ribbons from the past be a lifeline in the present?'


Sunday, 30 September 2012

Book review #7 - Lessons in shooting ducks

I'm going to start this review off by saying that I loved this book! I even have it in my weekly faves over on my beauty blog. I'll be honest, I pretty much started reading this because I want to try and get through all of my books that I have and give them to charity because since I bought my kindle all the books on my book shelf have been collecting dust. Anywhooooo on with the review:

This book is based around the character Ally who is divorced with two children and whilst her ex husband seems to have had his share of girlfriends, Ally has had no such luck with men. One of her friends, Mel, works for a magazine and is doing an article about an American lady (a relationship coach) who gives seminars on how to meet Mr right. Mel thinks that this would be great for Ally to do because she's single and  it could be quite a laugh, and of course it would help Mel out big time....and prevent her from getting fired from the magazine.
Reluctantly, Ally agrees and sets off to her first seminar. She enjoyed it more than she thought she would and begins to take all of the 'homework' seriously. One task being that she has to set up three dates with three different men (duck decoys) that she isn't really attracted too. Date one is with a man that she really isn't attracted to, but he is her. The date went well, however he seems to want more dates and she doesn't. Date two is with the electrician who she is actually attracted too, but during said date she finds out he's not exactly who she though he was. So after two unsuccessful dates she decides against looking for 'duck decoy' date three.
During all of this time Ally gets to know a neighbour who is also single (and very attractive) and debates whether to make him 'duck decoy three' but decides against this, and out of the blue he asks her out for coffee which she eagerly accepts. Things start to get complicated when she starts to get feelings for her neighbour, and all of a sudden her ex husband resurfaces and announces that he still has feelings for her. Now she has the huge decision of deciding who it is that she wants to be with: the father of her children who cheated on her and broke her heart, or the very attractive neighbour who lost his wife and has made it clear he and Ally have a connection?
Mind made up she makes a beeline for her man, however when he finds out about the ex husband and the complicatedness and of course the seminars and 'duck decoy' he doesn't seem so sure he wants the relationship. Do things end up happily ever after? You'll have to give it a read to find out :P

This is definitely worth a read, such an easy and fun book. Filled with funny moments and those moments where you find yourself shouting 'Noooo what are you doing' at the book......or is that just me that does that?!

Until next time.


Monday, 24 September 2012


I finally managed to upload my camping pictures onto my laptop which means I can finally do my Camping post!! I had such a great time, although it was absolutely freezing at night and we had some not so friendly spiders in the shower block. Although I don't think any spiders are friendly. They all scare the living daylights out of me!!

First off we travelled to Flamingo land, where I proceeded to scream like a 5 year old girl on every ride we went on!!

Some of the rides:

We walked into the zoo but they had moved most of the animals so we didn't get to see many :( We did see the camels which I stupidly thought were rocks!!

We went from Flamingo land onto the campsite where we stayed for the night. By the time we got there we checked in then went out to a local pub for some food, the back to the campsite where I decided to lie on the picnic table staring at the stars. The skies are beautiful up in the countryside!!

We also made two little friends :/

Annnnnnd that was my little camping adventure :)


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Book #7

Time for another book, I've decided to read a book from my book shelf again rather than buy another on my kindle just so I can get through the huge amount of unread books I have.

This weeks book is Jayne Buxton' 'Lessons in duck shooting'

The blurb:

'Ally James' life is in dire need of a makeover. Juggling the demands of a neurotic boss, the sudden appearance of her ex-husband's latest arm candy and the endless whirl of school runs and fish sticks seems to have become a mammoth effort of late. And watching The Little Mermaid with her kids is probably the closest she has come to an exciting date in years. So when her best friend Mel persuades, or rather bullies, her into a dating seminar, Ally finds herself reluctantly giving in. Marina Boyd, American relationship guru extraordinaire, claims that all you need is some shrewd self-marketing and a steady stream of trial men -- or, to use her term, 'duck decoys' -- and you're on a sure-fire road to Mr Right.
Ally's not so sure, though. Can packaging and promoting possibly be the same as dating and falling in love? And how on earth would you find the time for a makeover, a direct mail campaign and a branding programme when you're busy putting out fires at home?
Ally is about to find out ...'



Book review #6 - How to be famous

So, after my big fail last week with 'one day' I wanted to find a book for this past week that I could really sink my teeth into and I did just that. This weeks book was Alison Bond's 'How to be famous'

This book is exactly what it says in the title. It's about three young woman (One a lot younger than she first makes out) trying to make it big in Hollywood and how their lives intertwine with each others . Two of the woman are aspiring actresses and the other working for a talent agency, until she gets fired and is left to figure it all out alone. Two of the women get to know one another over a very important phone call, one of the woman (Melanie) being the aspiring actress who's trying to not get thrown off the movie set and the other being the 'agent' (Lindsey) trying to sort out the mess. Lindsey manages to sort out the fuss over the contracts which then lands her a job in L.A helping out at the agency's office over there and taking care of Melanie. On Lindsey's (coach) journey to the states she meets the other aspiring actress (Serena) who keeps her guard up and doesn't really want to speak to anyone, especially Lindsey.

Once they're all settled in the city of Angels, each doing their own thing - Lindsey becoming a big help to Melanie in so many ways and then becoming Serena's agent, which then gets Lindsey fired from the agency for not telling them - they all have problems and secrets they come to face, and all turn to Lindsey for help. Maybe Hollywood isn't the life they thought it would be........

I really enjoyed reading this book and found it hard to put down, it was such an easy read. Deffo a thumbs up!


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Be confident. Be yourself.

I was going to blog about my camping trip  today but I'm having trouble getting my pictures onto my computer, so I've thought about something else to write about which I'm sure pretty much everyone can relate to.....Self confidence.

Some people have all the self confidence in the world, and some don't have any at all. Up until recently I didn't really have all that much, until I found my style and told myself  'if people don't like me, then that's their problem' It probably sounds weird to say 'I found my style' and this gave me confidence, but it really did. I pretty much have a 'rock chick' edge to my look now; wearing skull T-shirts, rock band T-shirts and my military boots all the time. And in all honesty, I feel so much more confident about myself now that I don't blend in with the crowd. I've never really been one for blending in, I've always wanted to stand out and not because I want people to look at me or pay me attention but because I don't see the point in everyone being the same as everyone else.

It's so much easier for someone to say 'just be yourself and don't let anyone get you down' but I think it's worth it. I spent so many years (as a teenager) trying to find out who I was and got constant little remarks from people I thought were friends about what I wore etc And I now realise it was because they themselves didn't know who they were and they were the insecure ones.

If I could go back to being a teenager I'd tell myself  'Wear what you want, do what you want and don't let anyone bring you down' Because that's what I tell myself every day now, and it works.

I hope this wasn't a rambley post, and that it helps someone who is lacking in the self confidence department. Just BE YOU!!