Sunday, 26 August 2012

Book review #2 - The girl with the dragon tattoo

Week two, time for another book review. This past week I've been reading Stieg Larsson's 'The girl with the dragon tattoo'

I'm going to start off by saying that this took me ages to actually get into, and if I didn't know the basic storyline I would have put it down and started reading something else. HOWEVER I continued to read on (a few of my friends told me to get through the first few chapters and then it gets good) and for me it got very exciting at chapter 16, and I couldn't put it down!

Let's introduce the characters:

* Mikael Blomkvist - Editor of a magazine (millennium) who writes a story on a shady high profile business man and ends up getting charged for a false story
* Eric Valgner - Wants to find out who murdered his brothers Granddaughter (Harriet) some years ago, so hires Mikael to help uncover the truth
* Harriet Vlagner - The 16 year old missing (presumed dead) Granddaughter of Eric's brother
* Lisabeth Salander - The girl with the dragon tattoo. A private detective, who later gets hired to help out Mikael solve the murder mystery

Now for the storyline:

Blomkvist gets fired from his editorial position, at his own magazine, for printing an untrue story on a shady business man. Eric Valgner sees the story and after some research (by salander) decides to hire Blomkvist to uncover the truth of Harriet's murder. After months of finding no new evidence Blomkvist wants to give up, but can't because of his agreement with Erin Valgner. However after a visit form his daughter, Blomkvist then discovers new evidence and asks for a little help in doing more research, cue Salander. The two dig up a lot of dirt on the Valgner family which doesn't amuse certain family members, however this doesn't deter either of them and they carry on with the task in hand. Eric Vlagner gets rushed to hospital with a heart attack so Blomkvist does everything he can to solve the mystery. But things don't turn out how everyone expected them too......

Towards the last third of the book I got completely hooked and couldn't wait to read the next page. This keeps you on your toes and is full of surprises!


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